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Sugar is a 12 year old western pleasure horse, originally from northern California. She is a strawberry roan quarter horse mare.
Clark is a 24 year old gelding. He showed with GA Southern University's equestrian team for many years. He is excellent at English and Western riding. He can run barrels and jump cross bars in the same lesson! He is a chestnut quarter horse.
Peaches is 23 years old and she belonged to Megan while she grew up. She is a stout little bay mare and an all around ranch horse. She used to run at junior rodeos in Iowa.
Pam is a 14 year old bay quarter horse mare. She works in our walk-trot lessons for adult riders. She belongs to Megan is best friends with Peaches.
Pippi is 18 years old and a registered appaloosa, even though she has no spots on her red sorrel coat! She is an accomplished Western pleasure horse, but also competes in English riding. She is a fancy horse with extensive training.
Wilbur is a retired carriage horse from downtown Savannah and is 24 years old. He is a beautiful black Percheron draft who was originally an Amish plow horse. He teaches carriage driving on our farm.
Bear is a 20 year old standardbred bay gelding. He was used during the filming of The Conspirator, a Robert Redford movie that was filmed downtown. He spent most of his life as an Amish trotter and was adopted by the gentleman who drove him during the filming of the movie.
  May is about 26 years old and is a chocolate colored rocky mountain pony. She is petite and leggy and has a big diamond star on her forehead. She is as cute as she could be! This little mare is ideal for kids and petite adults. She is peppy and has a super smooth lope.
  In memory of some wonderful horses we have had the pleasure of knowing- Their ribs were covered and their coats were slick. They passed away in the best of condition. They were not skinny, thin, and by no means a bag of bones. They went out like the champions they had been in life. We will forever miss them.
Skip was a 31 year old bay quarter horse gelding. He was the 2001-2002 Florida State Championship barrel racing and pole bending horse, as well as the 2002 FBRA horse of the year. He was retired for several years and enjoyed eating his hay and getting lots of baths.
Batman was petite 31 year old quarter horse gelding. He was very lively and energetic and enjoyed teaching kids how to run competition style barrels and poles. He was a red sorrel horse with four white socks.
Silver was a retired hunter jumper and dressage horse and belonged to Katie. He was a white thoroughbred and was 24.
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